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Mindful Moments in Meetings!

Mindful Moments in Meetings!

How often have you attended a meeting, network, or piece of collaborative working and wondered 'Why am I here?' or even "Why are we here?" 

 It may have seemed a good idea at the time to create space to attend, but when we arrive, we perhaps wonder, 'what is this all about' It maybe there is a lot of ideas floating around, but no sense of

  • "So who is going to take responsibility to do this?"
  • "What difference will this make?"

Sometimes, there is value in connecting, sharing information for connection's sake. It's just in a time when we often have more to do than time to do it. Looking at what am I doing here today can help bring us into the moment and use our energy to its best advantage.

The following diagram has been created to offer that opportunity to pause and reflect. It is being shared here as a tool to be used in the workplace, but it can be used in many settings where people get together, from education to peer support groups, to hobby and interest groups and more.

If you find you often take on a stewardship role, then that is something to consider, do you always need to take responsibility? If you take on a co-creator's role, you may offer to do something when asked, but have you considered how quickly you may respond when asked?

There can be times when we are simply curious, and that's okay or even uncertain. We may attend something because we think we may learn something that benefits ourselves as we will use it or help others share it.

 There is a myth of multitasking and so too with multiple roles. Yes, we can have many tasks we are involved in, and yes, we can have many roles; however, at any one point in time, we have our main task, our main role. This little tool may help reflect my "main" role here today.

If you frequently find yourself in a stewardship role, it can be very liberating to realise, today; I am here because I am curious. 

Our roles can change, we may start as curious and move to a stewardship role, or we may have had a co-creator role and move to beneficiary and so on.

In most cases, when people get together, it's to improve something, resolve something, or share something. Since the pandemic, there have been more online meetings, networks, things to get involved in perhaps than we may have done before. 

There is also still the day job to do. Taking that moment to pause and be mindful of my role today can be helpful for your well-being and the impact your attendance at the meeting has on others and your organisation or group.

Being clear on our roles, which can change, but at any given moment, helps us manage our expectations of ourselves and others' expectations of us. When we are clear, 'what is my role at this moment?' It helps us be present and give that space our full attention.

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