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Journaling and affirmations for self-care

Journaling and affirmations for self-care

Most of us are aware it's important for our wellbeing to practice some kind of self-care.

What matters is we find something which works for us and that we can fit into our day.

We are all different, and what works for one of us may not work for another. This is one of the reasons we offer so many different pieces for wellbeing on our site, in the hope that people find something they think may be worth their time giving a go.

The following slides aim to support people:

  • Acquire new tools and insights which support developing affirmations for self-care
  • Become aware of the internal voice and how to speak with a kinder voice that supports your self-care
  • Acquire new tools and insights which can help develop your own style of journaling
  • Leave with a renewed commitment to yourself around making time for your self-care using the personal promise cards

You do matter, and as well as using affirmations for your own wellbeing, making an affirmation jar for a gift, or collectively with a group you are a member of, or work colleagues can be another idea for finding something to inspire. We know life is challenging; however, affirmations are one way to help us find things to appreciate and be grateful for.

Journaling can be a really helpful tool for goal setting and reflection.

Please also visit the document section of the website, where there are further tips on journaling and visualisation, as well as examples of affirmation cards for confidence. 

You may also find some of the relaxation videos or "time to pause" podcast a helpful resource to use before working through the slides.

Remember you matter.

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by Roy T. Bennett
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