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COPEScotland message to the World

A message to the world

This video was created to offer an insight into the work of the charity. 

We recognise sadly that pain does exist in the world, and no matter how much we try, we cannot build a world where no one will ever be sad again.

However, together we can build a world where perhaps people suffer less. All the materials we share on this site are geared towards self-care and self-management. 

They do not replace professional advice but offer something that may help when there are storms in the sea of life and promote well-being tips, so perhaps some storms can be avoided or minimised. 

They were put together listening to the voices of lived experience and because we do care. We do believe we all have it in us to help build a kinder world, even if that is one conversation, action, policy, or website at a time.

Person-Centred Care
Easing the heavy load - podcast

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