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Finding the motivation to set goals that matter to you. Otherwise, it’s just another thing to do!

Finding the motivation to set goals that matter to you. Otherwise, it’s just another thing to do!

How often do we tell ourselves we must start this, stop that, be more this, etc. etc. How often do we listen to ourselves?

Yes, sometimes we do decide on something that matters to us, and we go for it, however, other times we can exhaust ourselves, using the little energy we may have, trying to effect a change but…………………. That change does not happen, except we end up feeling even more demotivated!

We have a pretty good idea e.g., what we need to do for our well-being, eat a balanced diet, make time to unwind, share our feelings when something is bothering us, be as active as we can within any limits our health may set, stay hydrated, don't smoke, don't abuse alcohol, don't eat too much sugar, salt, fat, processed food etc. etc. Yet despite knowing all this, we may make plans for change BUT find it hard to follow through on them.

Our motivation matters when it comes to bringing about change ah, but, where to find that motivation, and also where to find the time. In a day where it already feels like our mental load is pushed to capacity having to find space to think about something else…………. feels overwhelming!

The self-reflection workbook in this piece does not replace professional advice. This is for self-care and self-management only. If understanding what motivates you so that you can set goals which have meaning for you, then this may be a helpful resource. Some tips for using a reflective workbook.

Do it because it matters to you, and you think it will offer some value to your life.

Decide where and when you can have time to work through the materials so you can give them your full attention.

Decide if you need a self-management buddy you can run ideas by. They can help to be a sounding board. This doesn't need to be a therapist unless you struggle with broader mental ill-health issues. A trusted and supportive family member, friend or peer can also be a buddy.

Having a notebook for capturing reflections as you work through the booklet is helpful. Maybe think about using a pencil so you can rub out and edit where you need to. You could also record your thoughts, on your phone or laptop if this were possible, and something you found helpful, to listen to later and reflect on. This workbook can also be downloaded and is editable.

Before you start each session using the workbook, make time to unwind in a way you feel is most helpful for you. There are some ideas on this website feel free to browse the videos and podcasts. 

Please don't force it. If you find some sections are a struggle, leave it, and come back another day. There is a lot to this workbook and not every section will be relevant for everyone. Go at a pace which works for you.

The workbook offers space to reflect and invitations for you to decide what action you plan to take and when. This is your choice and it's important to remember that. The workbook is there for you and not another thing you feel you must do. We hope it's something you find you enjoy doing.

Do it when you have the space to think and remember, if you need to speak to someone about anything that comes up for you, please do. Sometimes we can find things become very overwhelming and we need to speak to someone.

Affirmation cards can also offer inspiration when we are seeking to become more motivated. There are several sets of these on our website, we have shared the life purpose cards in this piece as one example.

One final point to consider, while there may be things in our life we want to change or address, it's important we also remember the things we have to appreciate including perhaps the people we have in our lives. 

It matters we do not get so caught up in what is wrong and that we want to improve, that we don't forget what is already there which perhaps we have become so used to that we take for granted. 

If we think back to lockdown when we could not visit friends and family, or we could not be out of doors for any longer than the time needed for essential purposes, this can remind us that when the things we take for granted are taken away, how precious to us they really were and as well as focusing on what we want to change, find time each day to also appreciate what we have, no matter how humble that may be.

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