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Raising awareness of the harm caused by gambling and why things need to change.

Raising awareness of the harm caused by gambling and why things need to change (New Video)

As shared previously it has been COPEScotland's privilege to meet some fantastic people and organisations as we have sought to find ways to address concerns around the impact of gambling. 

This includes Adrian and Martin who produced a new film, 'One Last Spin'.

They are a small community interest company which has produced a film 'One Last Spin' which offers a new resource to raise conversations in communities around what they see as the challenges of gambling and how to help people connect with support.

The song 'One Last Spin' was written by produced and donated by Amanda Lehmann One Last Spin: the Song is Here!

One Last Spin Is one to add to the playlist. 

The melody is haunting, and the lyrics offer insight into how lonely it can be when harmed by gambling.

We wanted to support further what Martin and Adrian are seeking to do around raising awareness so asked them and Amanda how they would feel if we made the song One Last Spin into a music video. 

We were delighted they said yes, and a wee bit nervous! Especially our video editor who had never tackled a video like this before.

We do our videos in-house, this was our first attempt at a music video.

There are many ways to reach out and connect to help raise awareness, we hope this wee contribution of ours created by listening to experts by experience offers some insights into the challenges people can face through gambling harms while promoting the hope that things can change

Together we can find ways to address the harms caused by gambling to reduce the suffering which can be experienced, by individuals and their families. If you have been touched by any of the issues in this post, please see the list of possible supports in the attached booklet and check out what is in your area.

The booklet in this piece shares some of the issues and possible solutions that emerged by listening to experts by experience as well as some useful numbers.

The booklet does not replace professional advice. However, like One Last Spin, and work being done by many others, we hope it helps raise awareness so those and their families affected feel safe to seek support and more steps are taken to offer protection so fewer people are harmed in the first place. Hopes become realities when we find ways to work together to overcome the challenges.

''Thank you so much for this. Thank you so much to COPEScotland. It certainly is powerful, I shall share it on my socials and with Sir Mike Penning my MP and Bishop of St Albans .....All our hearts beat as one in this campaign"  

by Sylvia Fountain
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