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The "Coorie" The Scottish Way to Wellbeing with a new video!

The "Coorie" The Scottish Way to Wellbeing with a new video!

So many people enjoyed this blog, so we made a video of 'The Coorie' with Hilda, having great fun doing the voice-over!..... 

Okay, some of us, and we know who we are, know we need to exercise more, eat more healthily, get out in the fresh air, but it can all seem like too much effort.

Finding the motivation to make the change needs to be something that makes sense to us as individuals, not what we are told is good for us, not what we are told we need to do, but something we recognise as having value, a priority, makes sense to us.

Once we decide YES this is for me, then really, we can achieve things we never dreamt possible.

We only need to look at the news, or maybe even some inspiring people you know personally and see the obstacles people overcome to achieve their dreams, despite often significant challenges life may have thrown their way.

So in comparison to a huge dream, is getting more fresh air, feeling cosy, eating healthily really so difficult?

At COPEScotland, we are always looking for new ways to promote ideas that may resonate with others who may think?

OKAY think I will try that, so……..We read up a bit on the Scottish Lifestyle trend of 'Coorie.' The Scottish answer to "Hygge", the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosy and comfortable, conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

At first, looking at the dreich drizzly grey weather we often have here in Scotland, this left us with!

Then we really looked at Scotland and realised, oh aye, we have the 'Coorie' all right.

Please have a wee read of the attached tips on bringing more 'Coorie' into your life, and you may find it resonates with you. By default, you may find you get out more, get more fresh air, feel more relaxed, not because anyone is telling you to do it,

BUT because it makes sense to you and something you say YES, I want a bit more 'Corrie' in my life. 

What are we giving attention to? Visualise the wor...

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