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Survival needs more than resilience (Updated - Infographic + Resource Manual)

Survival needs more than resilience

 Thriving is more than surviving.

Few people do not recognise the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. We may have experienced challenges before the pandemic, and the pandemic just added even more. Then we think we are emerging from this and 'wham' another challenge. The cost-of-living crisis, conflict around the world, a heightened emphasis on the climate crisis and life keeps happening, and there can be more challenges with it.

We hear about resilience, the ability to bounce back. However, resilience alone is not enough when it's bounce after bounce after bounce. This becomes about endurance, stamina, and keeping the hope that things can improve, so eventually, we move back to thriving and not simply surviving.

There is much on the COPEScotland site about finding ways to overcome or adapt to challenges so they do not hurt as much. 

Our video' Message to the World' shares our philosophy which recognises there can be pain in the world, but we can find ways where we suffer less.  

We know people are feeling exhausted, tired, and drained. We also believe it matters when we are feeling like this. We understand why we permit ourselves to acknowledge these feelings, then when we are ready, begin to explore what we can do so it does not hurt as much, asking for help where we need it, as we all need help sometimes.

Understanding why we feel like this is a start. Normalising that sometimes we feel anxious, down, depleted, and that is a natural reaction to what is happening allows us permission to be human as none of us are robots, and that is another step. Then using this new awareness to help us take small steps, which may be as simple as staying afloat.

Resource Manual -Tips to self-manage the challenges in the sea of life

We hope that this infographic highlights the layers that impact our well-being, the challenges we face, and what can help. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy, don't hesitate to contact us via the web page with the address you would like it sent to and to whom you plan to share it.

Remember, you do matter. We all do, and helping ourselves stay afloat is how we also help each other keep the beacons of hope alive.

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