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In many settings peer support matters

In many settings peer support matters

COPEScotland listening to colleagues recognises the need and value of peer support.

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COPEScotland listening to colleagues recognises the need and value of peer support.

There can be many forms of peer support, including peer support and supervision, which we won't cover here. The following slides have been put together around ideas to help create an informal, safe space to connect, learn and share with others whose work-life experience is similar to yours.

The idea behind these slides is to offer some points for reflection if you think starting some peer support sessions in your workplace or between partner groups and organisations may be helpful for you.

The slides are inspired by listening to nurses and local colleagues in the third sector, who recognised the value even of once a month, having a get together for an hour, sharing a self-care idea for 20min then using the rest of the time to talk and be heard. The format for establishing this space can be used in any setting.

There have always been various challenges that we have faced. However, with the pandemic and the ongoing restrictions and uncertainty this brings, we need to make time for our self-care more than ever. We need to create safe spaces with peers to share, learn and look out for each other as we adjust and keep adjusting to the new normal.

It is essential to recognise that peer support is different from a more formal group therapy session or more formal mental/emotional wellbeing interventions.

For anyone seeking more than peer support can offer, it's helpful to remind group members of other supports. Many supports are listed on the COPEScotland site, including the nurse's wellbeing booklet, the "whit's happening" information magazines archives, and the "don't give up hope" postcard.
You can also explore supports nearer to your members and share them.

There will be three sets of slides:

Slides one: Creating safe spaces to learn, share and build compassionate communities in the workplace

This will cover:

  • Why peer support matters
  • Why continuous professional development should also include learning new techniques for self-care
  • Why it matters establishing the values of the group
  • Understanding yourself within a group

In slide two, we will look at ideas for creating safe spaces and how to build a vision for your peer-led group

This will cover tools that can help explore and establish the values of the group and the vision for what it hopes to achieve

In slide three, we will share some self-care ideas to share with your group

This will cover an overview of resources on the COPEScotland site and some other sites that may be of interest for ideas around self-care.

''Peer support, using our own experiences to help each other and by doing, in turn, help ourselves.''

Personal wellbeing and self-care (Presentation)
Understanding ourselves supports YOUR wellbeing (V...

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