Navigating the sea of life during the storms of financial challenges booklet

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  • Updated: 21 September 2022
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People are unique, their circumstances can be unique. This self-management tool will not have all the answers to every situation which people face. The resource is for reflection and does not replace the professional advice of those qualified in the field of financial advice. If we offer an example, they are for reflection and not advice and if you are seeking to address debt repayments, we urge you strongly to do this with those qualified to offer support. We list many sources of advice and support and strongly recommend if you are struggling financially that you contact this support.

Worrying about money is exhausting and can drain our energy. We need to find ways to either do something about it or reduce the distress we are feeling. COPE Scotland created this booklet not to offer financial advice, but to share that we recognise the impact financial challenges can have on our mental health and wellbeing. We wanted to offer something which even in a small way may help. Sometimes in the sea of life, we are in storms and all we can do is find ways to hold on and look after ourselves and those around us. This can include linking to support and asking for help to enable us to find a way through the challenges to a place in the future which is less stressful.



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