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Safe Spaces Workshop

Safe Spaces Workshop

Price: Free

creative commons copyright

This FREE online training resource aims to share ideas on actions that may help create psychologically safer places in informal and peer-led groups.

Safe Spaces Workshop can be used; as a learning aid for someone facilitating a group or an established group seeking to see anything helpful.

A group just setting up and looking for ideas that may help make the group a success.

We have arranged the training in a way which means you can dip in and it. Spending as much time in specific areas meets the needs of your group.

There may be some areas where you feel we don’t need any more learning in this area. If that’s the case, skip over that. There may be other areas where you want to spend more time. It’s your choice.

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If you use these materials, please acknowledge COPEScotland.

The benefits of online learning are that you can access it when it suits you and the group and can go at a pace that you are comfortable with.

We devised this online resource because although it would be nice to think everyone got on and was kind to each other and disagreements never happened, people are complex, and sometimes it’s not people mean to be unkind. It is simply group dynamics can change, and this can be a challenge for those involved unless it's managed.

We don’t claim to have all the answers. We will also share other resources with you that others have shared online, which you may find helpful. Our aim, to help build a kinder world.

You will need

  • An internet connection. 
  • In most cases, the PowerPoint presentation should run even if you do not have MS Office installed.
  • You may get a warning when opening the PowerPoint presentation. This is nothing to worry about; it just means there is embedded video in the slides - the material has been virus check before uploading.
  • If you have problems with the YouTube video in the PowerPoint presentations, the links are also in the printed materials.
  • A PDF reader.

The courses are separated into lessons split into sessions with all the appropriate materials in each session. 

Short Description

The aim of this FREE online training resource is to share ideas on actions that may help create psychologically safer places in informal and peer-led groups.

Meet Our Teacher

Hilda Campbell MBE

Hilda Campbell MBE

Mental Health (38 Years), Co-design and production (32 Years), Management, development and strategic planning (34 Years) , Community development (30 Years), Trainer (20 Years), Social enterprise (14 Years), ASIST (11 Years), MHFA/SMHFA (3 Years)

Registered Office

COPE Scotland, Clyde Offices, 2nd Floor, 48 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BP

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