10 Ways You Can Prevent Suicide - HOPE Matters (Reissued with Video)

Winter can be a challenging time for people for many reasons, often made worse by fewer services being open and those not having as many people on duty. 

If you are reading this and having thoughts of suicide, you must speak to someone.

The Samaritans are there 24/7 365 Tel No 116 123

However, suicide prevention matters every day, and it matters when we may be thinking of suicide, we must find a way to save our lives and hold on.

There have been so many challenges in people's lives before the pandemic, and for many, the pandemic has added even more.

Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by challenges that we consider suicide. Perhaps not wanting to die, but not wanting our situation to continue.

The risk is that thinking about suicide becomes planning how to kill ourselves and then acting on those thoughts, so it matters that we take steps now to keep ourselves safe while seeking support to explore what makes us want to die.

If we don't get the proper help the first time, please don't stop looking as there are more services and supports than we often realise.

We are more at risk if we adopt unhealthy coping strategies such as drugs or alcohol as this may make us do something impulsively, so please if you find you're having thoughts of suicide, avoid the use of alcohol, or if you have issues with drug or alcohol misuse seek advice on how to keep safe.

Maybe we have adopted an unhealthy coping strategy with gambling and don't see a way out, so think about suicide. 

This link may be of use:

This is why it matters that we reach out and connect with someone as soon as that thought comes into our minds. 

Prevention includes early intervention, not waiting until the crisis is reached but acting as soon as we recognise that our lives may be at risk of suicide.

Sometimes it can take time to access the support we need, especially over the festive period, but it is out there.

Just occasionally, we need to look for it. But we don’t need to look alone.

So please, as soon as you recognise your thinking of suicide, talk to someone about it as you do matter. Sometimes the challenges we face we don’t see a way through; this is why sharing how we feel matters, as it helps us hold to life and hope until the world feels a kinder place again.

We have also included a wee postcard with tips on never losing hope and some other numbers which you may find helpful. Sometimes battling thoughts of suicide, we can feel so alone, we are not, more people are willing to help than we realise, just sometimes it takes time to find them.

Please remember, you matter, and people do care.

That’s why pieces like this and the services shared exist.

Remember, even when it feels like we are alone, we are not; there is still kindness and hope in the world.

We also hope you find the tips on the website helpful to reduce any distress you feel until the other support you may seek is in place.
People do care, and you do matter.