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What happens next after COP26?

What happens next after COP26?

In our own way, each of us can help contribute to addressing the challenges the planet and its inhabitants face.  

What is a LID

Imagine someone gave you a Jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces with no lid! How would we begin to put that puzzle together? Where would we even start? Imagine you have others who also have their puzzle pieces and no lid; how would you know what their picture was supposed to look like, and how would you share yours? The Jigsaw lid toolkit offers a resource to help support conversations across diverse stakeholders and help ourselves better understand our priorities.

In so many ways, what is good for the earth is also suitable for us. Sometimes it can be tricky, though, knowing where to start, as many things are often beyond our immediate control. 

Focusing on what we cannot do can drain energy. 

Thinking about something, we can perhaps offer the hope we all need to see. 

We developed the concept of the Jigsaw Lid Toolkit as a way of perceiving the world the way others do and perhaps helping us connect with our vision. 

We have adapted the toolkit for many uses:

  • Supporting courageous conversations in primary care and communities around mental health and wellbeing
  • Capturing a vision of a suicide safer community
  • Exploring the visions of gambling harms safer communities, city
  • Considering our lid for wellbeing.

We were delighted to attend the first Glasgow Climate Action Network with the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, where some issues as key for moving forwards and driving change emerged:

  • Collaboration, communication, connections
  • Diversity, inclusivity and access
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Power

We were also delighted to host a session looking at Network weaving to support climate activism.

We felt designing a new lid to support conversations around identifying the pieces needed to support climate activism and change the planet would be helpful.

We attached this below; complete instructions on how to use the lid are on the reverse. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

The lids themselves are not going to solve the problems we face.

They offer a place to start having conversations about priorities, linking with others who share some of those priorities and using the limited energy we all have towards action, which can perhaps make a difference.

When we work together towards common goals, we realise that change is possible, and we feel less alone.

To begin this journey, first, we need to understand where it is.

We want our ultimate destination to be a way to share that vision with others, so together, we each begin to understand those around us and what matters to them.

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