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Tips to coping with the issues of redundancy

Tips to coping with the issues of redundancy

As people move off of furlough, we may find that there are no longer jobs to return to, which may mean they face redundancy. 

 For whatever reason, the business you work in or the services you offer is no longer in the same demand. 

There is either no need anymore, or there are more groups or agencies providing something similar.

It is rare nowadays that the job we start when we leave school or further education is the same job we leave when we retire. 

Changing jobs, careers, learning new skills are perhaps becoming more of the norm.

Whether we like the way things are or not often has no impact on how things turn out to be. We often have little control over helping keep the company or business we work for afloat. We certainly never expected lockdown and the closure of so many companies for so long. However, life happens. 

We only have so much energy, and it's where we invest that energy helps with what comes next.

Surviving in the workplace often means finding our solutions as there is no guarantee our employers will find them for us. We do not need to do this alone. Many services are available to help people retrain, start their own business, or get back into a new job.

There are also supports available if you need to talk about how you feel, get your confidence back, or help make plans for the future. wee tips sheet we have produced don't replace professional advice

However, they may offer some ideas, which may help a wee bit. So, if you are unsure about your rights, get advice using the tips sheet to help maybe you find the best place to start.

We would love the world to be fair, for people never to know insecurity. However, that currently is not how the world is and is beyond the gift of this wee charity.

So, it is finding ways to work around the challenges and adapting to those with no easy solution. We suffer less.

Remember, if you are made redundant. YOU ARE NOT REDUNDANT; this is not about you. Sadly, the post you held is no longer required. You still matter, remember that. 

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