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Positive affirmations for wellbeing - What are affirmation jars?

Positive affirmations for wellbeing

Affirmations can be positive as well as negative. 

This is why we must become aware of our self-talk, as negative affirmations can impact our self-confidence and belief. In contrast, positive affirmations can help us change our beliefs about ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. 

A positive affirmation is a short sentence that can offer us encouragement, hope and a renewed sense of purpose to achieve our goals.

 How to use the cards

Take a card at random, every day, week, or when you need it, reflect on what the message says to you. 

To select a card, scroll down and stop at a card at random. 

Then, if that card doesn't speak to you, select another.

They can be used alone, in groups, or even at team meetings to help the team focus and care for their wellbeing.

You can also share the cards on social media with others you want to send a positive affirmation to.

There is also an information sheet that offers ideas on how you can make your own affirmation jar. 

Words do have power, so please speak to yourself kindly as you do matter.

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