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Finding Joy in the moment (with PDF)

Finding Joy in the moment

Even when life is challenging. Because you matter. Offered in kindness by Hilda.

Reflecting on the impact of all this negative news, we so often are fed, which can leave us feeling pretty demotivated, stressed, angry, sad, and a whole host of emotions which drain energy. This got me thinking about all the positive emotions we have, which can help push back the despair these negative emotions can create. As ever, these tips are for general self-care and do not replace professional advice. Sometimes we may be suffering from a mental illness which impacts our emotions, and this requires to be explored with a suitably qualified health professional.

We often pursue happiness, and often that happiness is dependent on, e.g., having more money, having better health, not worrying about a loved one, a new house, a car, a holiday, and the list goes on. It's almost like a condition; I will be happy when……. or I will be happy if……., and this may mean it's some time off. We may get more money, our health improves, we are not as worried about a loved one, move home, or whatever has meaning for us. We achieve this, or it happens. And we may feel happy for a time, then…………… it is transient, elusive, comes and goes. So, while yes, being happy matters and is important, is it something realistically we experience every day and when life is challenging?

This made me think about Joy, often mixed up with Happiness, but an emotion all in its own right and one which is not as elusive. Certain mental illnesses may impact someone's ability to feel Joy. These tips are for self-care and may not be helpful for everyone. Joy is only a wee word, but it is tied to so many things which are core to our self, our values, who we are as a person, what matters to us, and our sense of purpose. Unlike happiness which can be elusive and takes some time off, Joy can be experienced at the moment, e.g., the feeling you get when you see cherry blossom appear on the trees. We have shared a wee tips sheet created to offer some ideas to bring more Joy into every day; please feel free to share it. You may also find this video of interest Link 

''Where joy hides and how to find it'' Ingrid Fetell Lee.

I recently experienced Joy at the news a species of butterfly thought extinct for over 100 years has been seen in the countryside near London Link. For me, this is a message of hope that we are not ''all doomed,'' as Fraser would say in Dad's army, that there are signs of a different world, which is kinder to us and the planet.

We are all different, and we have different priorities and values; living our life purpose can help bring us Joy, and if we are not sure what our life purpose may be, then taking time to discover it can also bring Joy. The wee life purpose affirmation cards may offer some inspiration. What can we teach ourselves and those around us which helps bring some Joy back into our lives, as it is those moments which can help sustain us when life is challenging. 

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