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Developing Networking skills - Where to start

Developing Networking skills - Where to start

At the launch of the suite of materials to support network effectiveness and our roles within networks, which can be downloaded HERE, a helpful question was asked. 'If you are new to this, where do you start?' While the curiosity map may offer ideas on where to find out more about network weaving, we realised something else was needed.

COPEScotland has always sought to be led by lived experience, so working with others, we created this validated self-assessment. We hope people find it helpful. It aims to:

  • Offer 14 areas around our networks and roles within them to reflect on and whether these are areas we want to develop.
  • The areas correspond to those which emerged during listening to various stakeholders when creating the nurturing and weaving networks suite of resources.
  • If there are areas for development, then the tools and resources booklet and the reflective workbook offer places to learn more.

We suggest, when completing this self-assessment, with one specific network in mind. We can be members of many networks; some may be more effective than others. Thinking of a network you would like to help develop to be more effective rather than every network may help you focus on your next steps and priorities.

The self-assessment is a PDF which you can download and edit. Then, if you choose to save, come back to a time period that works for you to see what, if anything, has changed. We would love any feedback you wanted to share and are keen on being told how valuable people found this and the suite of resources.

Do this self-assessment at a time when you can give it your full attention, perhaps even doing some mindful breathing or other exercise to help bring you into the moment.

Working together can be the change the world needs to see; however, working together is not always easy. Taking time to reflect on our networks and roles as network members can help us invest our energy where it is likely to have the most impact and find ways to conserve it when things don't go to plan.

There are many challenges facing the world today. Maximising our networks' strengths and skills as network members can help us meet those challenges together.

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