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COVID 19; Are you adapting to the new normal?

COVID 19; Are you adapting to the new normal?

Adapting to the new normal can be different for each of us. Some people may find this is working out well for them, and that's good. 

Adapting to the new normal can be different for each of us. Some people may find this is working out well for them, and that's good.

It's essential we don't feel guilty if we are doing OK. While it's OK not to be OK, it's also OK to be OK. I mention this as some people may find they feel guilty at their contentment when others are suffering, and this guilt can begin to take the joy out of their lives too.

We are making a transition to this new normal for many of us, recognising the world we used to know perhaps has changed in ways we are only beginning to realise. It is natural to feel lost until we adapt to our new normal. No one says letting go is easy, so it needs time, and if we need support to make the transition, it's OK to ask.

Remember, if you ever feel so overwhelmed you think of suicide, The Samaritans are there 24/7/365 Tel 116 123.

Please check out the "Never lose hope" card for other links you may find helpful.

We have all been running this marathon one way or another for a long time, and we still are not 100% sure where the endpoint is. Looking that far ahead can be dispiriting, and we may feel it's something we have little control over. However, if we look just a short step ahead, that may be more manageable.

We all only have so much energy, so if we focus our energy on the things within our control, we may find more steps available to us than we realise and more choices!

 While we are trying to get back to "normal", we are reminded the virus isn't finished with us yet. So, how we risk managing the COVID situation enables us to get on with our lives. All of this, including whatever else life is throwing at us, can leave us feeling a bit………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With all this going on, it wouldn't be surprising if some of us begin to experience 'existential angst! Or dread' There can be loads of reasons why we can have feelings of existential angst (Where is the point?) often it is associated with:

  • Feeling as if life was put on pause or reached a standstill
  • Unwanted life transitions
  • Traumatic or life-altering experiences
  • Crisis such as the pandemic, being impacted by climate change, e.g., flooded
  • Already feeling anxious or depressed
  • Not knowing who you are anymore, in the grand scheme of things
  • Someone you love dying.

As you can see from this list, we have all one way or another been affected, at least in part by what has happened, so experiencing some existential dread is normal! (As ever, my wee blogs do not replace professional advice, so please do make that step if you need to speak to a professional about how you are feeling.)

We have included a wee tips sheet with some valuable numbers which may be interesting to read and reflect on. It won't have all the answers, but maybe a place to start looking.

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