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Trees Matter - Benefits of planting a tree

tree planting

It seems many of us need to get better at self-care and remembering we matter so we look after ourselves and try to maintain our sense of wellbeing. However, none of us are islands. 

We rely on other people for many things, from sustaining our wellbeing/health to understanding the universe.

However, another group matters, without whom life on earth would struggle to survive—the trees. 

We need oxygen to survive; trees give us oxygen, we need to reduce our carbon footprint to survive, trees store carbon, we need to protect the soil, trees stabilise the soil.

We need shelter and yes, guess what? Trees provide us with the materials we need for building, furniture, and tools to make these things.

In addition to all the fantastic things trees offer us, they also provide us with beauty and support our wellbeing.

During lockdown, how many people had a tree by their window, which became almost like a friend we visited, losing ourselves for a moment, watching the birds in their branches or the sway of the leaves in the wind?

We forgot, even for a wee while, we were in the middle of a pandemic.

I mentioned birds in the trees. I could further discuss the importance of trees for all wildlife. However, I think people know trees are unique and that we should look after them.

The Tree Council promotes an annual seed gathering from the 25th of September until the 22nd of October, encouraging people to join them in gathering seeds, fruit, and nuts and nurturing the future trees.

There are many ways we can help nurture the well-being of our trees and forests. Some businesses support tree planting. There are many tree-planting charities.

COPEScotland, for its 30th birthday, took out a grove in Trees for Life which, if people wish, they can support. Trees cost £6, and funds are paid directly to trees for life.

The theme of the grove is "Against the odds." If you would like to add a tree or donate?

Please note, this IS NOT A DONATION TO COPEScotland, but to Trees for Life to help plant more trees.

Speak to local and national governments about planting more trees and exploring ideas within our communities.

We can also help by trying to preserve existing trees. Perhaps even working together become recognised as a tree city of the world.

What happens next after COP26?
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