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Nurses’ self-care ideas “The Bicycle Poster.”

Nurses’ self-care ideas “The Bicycle Poster.”

COPEScotland was delighted to be invited to speak to the January and September 2021 SPQ DN learners at Queen Margaret University on
"Co-production a nurses" perspective. Working with communities to find solutions to common areas of concern."

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The learners' enthusiasm for the subject shows a genuine desire for working with individuals and communities to understand the challenges they face and how the district nursing workforce, working with communities, can help find new ideas and solutions that can overcome or mitigate those challenges.

Part of the session delivered by COPEScotland explored using the Jigsaw Toolkit as a resource to help develop "Jigsaw Lids", which can help support the conversations, leading to increased understanding between different stakeholders.

This increased understanding can help identify areas of commonality, leading to actions that bring about real change. 

For more information on the Jigsaw toolkit, please contact us.

To offer learners an opportunity to practice using the toolkit and to support the ongoing work COPEScotland is doing with QNIS around nurses' wellbeing, we set out to co-produce a 'Jigsaw lid' of the pieces the learners identified as supporting self-care.

Usually, "jigsaw lids" are two round shapes with six segments. The group decided this was like a bike, so put handlebars on it. The 'lid' was adapted to reflect this idea in the final design. Core to co-production involves coming up with new ideas together.

The group also felt the circles made more sense as bicycle wheels to show the interconnectedness of the internal and external factors which impact wellbeing and how each drives the other.

  • "I think this is fantastic. I love how the bike represents how the two wheels must work together to enable self-care fully."
  • "Managing the course and our development in a positive way minimising unnecessary stressful factors while"
  • "Maintaining our 'personhood' and taking time to recharge those batteries."
  • "Thank you for bringing our views to life in something I can refer back to and keep myself grounded." 

We are delighted to share the final version of the "Jigsaw Lids", which was named "The Bicycle Poster" by those who took part.

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