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Ideas for how creativity can improve our mental health

It seems nowadays there are more ideas around than ever about how we can care for our mental health, the challenge sometimes can be, finding one which works for you and your lifestyle. We are all different, and different things appeal to different pe...
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Wee Tips to Help Reduce Suffering caused by Chronic Pain!

This wee piece does not replace professional advice from a health care provider relevant to your condition.  This is simply some wee tips which may help alleviate the suffering of chronic pain.  We put together these wee tips as we recognis...
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Dealing with the ‘What if’s’

  Life at the best of times can be a bit challenging around dealing with uncertainty. COVID19 has taken uncertainty to a whole new level! Some people are okay about uncertainty a new 'mountain to climb' a 'new challenges to face' others of us, d...
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Picking up the pieces when the world feels changed

COPEScotland recognise that COVID19 has had some impact on all of us. Maybe in different ways, but very few people haven't been affected. It can feel as if our world has been shattered into pieces and nothing seems certain and the worry and uncertain...
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Whit’s happening! Issue 6

As promised we continue to update the Whit's happening as we know at this time more than ever things can change quickly and its good to know what is out there to offer support if needed, or, some ideas for things to do.  Thanks also to partners ...
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Self Confidence and Personal Leadership

What do we mean by self-confidence? Confidence can mean different things to different people. In the main, self -confidence is the belief you have in yourself in terms of your ability to, do something. Your belief in making the right judgments and ch...
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Whit’s happening! Issue 5

WOW, we are so humbled by the great feedback from the Whit's Happening! We are led by the voices of experience and we heard people thought it was great but would be better if it were more Glasgow wide. Issue 5 is our first attempt at a city-wide Whit...
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The Art of Conversation

Some of us may find, since lockdown, we are talking more to others than we did before COVID19 created such disruption in our lives.  Perhaps making the effort to phone or email friends and family more than we did before, or facetime, zoom or use...
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Whit’s happening! Issue 4

First, can I thank my colleague from soapbox design who worked with me till after 4 on a public holiday to make sure we got this issue ready in time, very much appreciated I think when we clap on a Thursday night its worth remembering the many people...
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Leadership comes in many guises and hope can be contagious too - Issue 2 of the 'What's on'

  There are many definitions of leadership, these are two the author of this piece likes: ' 'Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished ." Lisa C...
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