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Establish boundaries not barricades!

We have been working through the 14 points on the WEMWBS so far, we have covered: Optimism
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Being interested in others

  We have been working through the 14 points on the WEMWBS.- so far, we have covered: Optimism
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Relaxation and what we can learn from frogs!

You may have noticed, if you are following our wellbeing pieces, there seems to be a few frogs! We have picked frogs as another member of the planet to inspire us.  Earlier we looked at geese,
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Is it we feel lonely, or is it we feel we have no purpose?

  Is it we feel lonely, or is it we feel we have no purpose? Why feeling useful matters for wellbeing We shared an earlier piece on the Warwick and Edinburgh Ment...
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Viewing the world through a lens of optimism!

  We shared a wee piece on walking on the sunny side of the street. .   Part of the information we were sharing around the Warwick and Edinburg...
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12 festive wellbeing days!

We started the alternative 12 days of Christmas as a bit of fun with the good morning emails, which we send out Mon-Thurs each week.  For anyone wondering about the ' your mental health still matters, good morning emails' these are wee (well not...
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Walking on the sunny side of the street

An optimistic attitude finds ways around challenges Being optimistic doesn't mean you don't recognise there can be threats, but your belief in a positive outcome is stronger and this belief makes you more likely to find out more about the threat and ...
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Understanding our own wellbeing

Most of us kind of know we need to look after our wellbeing, just sometimes we are not sure where to start. How do you measure wellbeing, what does it mean to us as individuals?  We hope there are different pieces on the site people find helpful...
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Tips for winter wellness

There are no two ways about it, for most of us when the clocks change things can feel a little bit 'blurrghhht!'. Tired, flat, want to hibernate, can't be bothered. With all that has happened this year with COVID-19, we may feel even more 'blurrghht!...
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Tips for the Festive season

Think by now, most of us know this festive season is pretty different from usual. This time of year can bring many stressors at the best of times around costs, who to spend Christmas with, feeling the need to be 'jolly' when we don't feel very jolly ...
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