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What’s the vision on your Jigsaw lid?


 Imagine someone gave you a Jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces with no lid! How would we begin to put that puzzle together? Where would we even start? 

Now imagine you have others who also have their puzzle pieces and no lid, how would you know what their picture was supposed to look like, and how would you share your vision?

If we decide we want something to change for ourselves, our family, our community, our workplace, our country. Somewhere in our head we have a picture of what that change will look like, don't we? 

Or, is it vague e.g.? Everyone has enough to eat, no one feels lonely anymore, everyone has an equal chance at a good education, workplaces are fair and offer good packages to their staff.

Or, if it's a personal vision of being fitter, more confident, what is the image in our mind, what are the pieces which will make this vision real.

Having pieces and no vision is as challenging as having a vision and no pieces. For things to change, we need to find new ways to solve the puzzles of our own lives and bring the vision and the pieces needed to achieve that vision together.

We developed a getting back your 'Oomph' booklet, why 'Oomph'? Because sometimes it feels life has knocked the stuffing out of us and we want to get that back again, the energy and self-belief which helps us get back to where we want to be. If you look online you can find a copy of the workbook and instructions on how to use it.

The Jigsaw Lid is another tool in the toolkit for enabling us to focus on what matters and how to get there. Ideally, complete the 'Getting Back your Oomph' workbook. Reflect on 12 changes you want to make which will help you achieve your vision, the 12 pieces of the Jigsaw if you like which you have identified matter. Enter these into this poster of ''My Jigsaw lid'', as a reminder, these are my priorities, my pieces of the puzzle, I need to find and bring together. It may be you feel you need more than 12 pieces that's okay, start from there and build onto what you have started.

As with any puzzle, it's rare we complete it in one go, we maybe do the sky first, or the grass, or the sea. So, it is with the puzzles of life. We start where we can make some changes and then we build from there. Another tool which can help you achieve each piece in the Jigsaw is the Goal setting Snakes and Ladders also available on

Once you have decided on the pieces for your Jigsaw lid, really have a think are these your priorities? Then use the Goal setting Snakes and Ladders to help you plan, ''Okay how am I going to achieve each of these pieces, how will I bring them all together to help me achieve my vision for what matters to me''. Like the Jigsaw lid, you may need to use the Goal setting Snakes and Ladders more than once, so maybe write out your pieces and goals in pencil, so you can change and rub out and amend as you see fit if you are doing this as a hard copy. However, within this blog is an editable one you can download and use and delete and add as you need to. The instructions are on the Jigsaw lid tool the second page.

Like any puzzle, we don't always get it right first time and that's okay, no one always gets it right first time, that's how we learn. In life as in any game there are rules, learn to have fun, learn the rules for actions you can take which supports your dreams and dream big.

You Matter, People Care, We Care
Have fun achieving what matters to you
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