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What are we giving attention to? Visualise the world you want….


 What are we giving attention to? Visualise the world you want….

This wee piece is around visualisation as a tool for helping us achieve what matters to us, however, its worth also thinking about what in general do we give our attention to? For survival, we are kind of hard-wired into scoping for threats, which can include constant disaster scenario planning around 'what if' sometimes we focus on negative 'what ifs' so much it feels as if it's happened already, we have 'worried' perhaps so much on this, focused on how awful it will be it's almost as if we have created memory in our mind of something which as yet has not happened. 

This wee piece may also be of interest

As ever, the tips and pieces on this site do not replace professional advice. There can be many reasons why we worry and focus on negative "what-ifs". If worry ever has you thinking of suicide, talk to someone. The Samaritans are there 24/7 365 Tel 116 123 or speak to your GP or health care providers. 

There are also services listed on the whit's happening magazines on this site.

The following tips on visualisation and affirmation personal postcard are self-management tools that you may find helpful if there is something in your life which you want to see changed for the better. Visualisation and journaling complement each other, so you may find this piece of interest too

To get from where we are, to where we want to be, works better when we have a plan. it's also a good idea to take time to really think through where is it we want to be. 

This is a journey in our own imagination so there are no limits; all too often when we think of something better, our mind throws up 'ah but', then lists off 1001 reasons why that won't happen. Visualisation is a way to suspend what is and isn't possible and just dream, what is it we want to make manifest in our lives, what would that feel like if it happened, and as with our worries where we focus on all that could go wrong, begin to find reasons to focus on all that could go right.

The author of this post (who loves to drive) wanted a Ferrari (who doesn't!) She imagined the car, driving it (it was red) kindly others who knew of her desire for the red Ferrari gave her a wee matchbox one, she used it as a focus for imaging her own red Ferrari. Her old Citroen of nearly 10 years of age had reached the point where it was beyond the garage's ability to repair. 

Time for a new car. The image of the red Ferrari was still there. The trail of visiting car showrooms and having a budget (which no way stretched to a red Ferrari) was one of looking for that elusive sports car and……….one day, in the forecourt of a Honda showroom she saw, a red Civic Coupe! There were fireworks, the sound of orchestras playing, there were…………okay there was none of this BUT, there was love at first sight. 

This car, was second hand, was affordable and was driven for the next 9 years till it too was able to be repaired no more. And while the author of this post may not have got the Ferrari, she did get the car of her dreams.

This is a light-hearted wee example of using visualisation, there are more. But instead of reading the dreams and outcomes of this author, why not have a wee read of the points below. As the lyrics say

'Happy talk, keep talking happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do,
You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?''

Rogers and Hammerstein Musical South Pacific

Dream big, never forget how awesome you are 😊

Love matters
Decisions, decisions, decisions ARGGHHH!

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