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Dealing with the ‘What if’s’


 Life at the best of times can be a bit challenging around dealing with uncertainty. COVID19 has taken uncertainty to a whole new level! Some people are okay about uncertainty a new 'mountain to climb' a 'new challenges to face' others of us, don't like it at all. 

Change when we kind of know our options is bad enough but not even knowing really what the options are………. well that can lead to a world of worry!

We have put together a wee tips sheet on dealing with the 'What if's', which may be helpful at this time. It's also worth reflecting, wouldn't it be great if the 'what if's' were all nice things? Sometimes when life is uncertain a cheerier approach can help

Being cheery doesn't mean blind optimism in the face of adversity, it is more, locking our minds into a time when the adversity has passed and a belief, goal, guiding star to help keep going when life is tough, as for most of us at some time it can be.

Being goal-orientated isn't just some buzz term from management textbooks, it's how we navigate through life. If we don't have a goal; especially when life is a challenge, we can drift from day to day and risk becoming lost in a maze of despair with no hope of getting out because we have forgotten what out looks like. If we don't have a vision, a star to lead us when the seas of life get stormy to a safer place, we can become lost…………. And more we focus on how lost we feel, as opposed to finding the star, the more lost we become till even if the star is there………………..we don't see it.

This is why working on being cheery is important. It's not a cheery attitude protects you from ending up in stormy waters, it's just if the waters are stormy you're more likely to search for lighthouses, safe harbours, improve seamanship skills to weather the storm out, as eventually, waters do calm down again. 

Sadly when people's disposition has moved to not feeling cheery, they don't enjoy the calm waters, maybe reliving again and again how awful the stormy seas were…………….or worried when they will become stormy again

When the author of this blog was younger (many moons ago!) there was one place in Glasgow you could get products not tested on animals, it was called beauty without cruelty and was in Bell St. 

There was one place catered for vegans Halibees in the west end (was great, students from the school of music often played for their super so you could have your mung bean stew while listening to a string quartet! and it was affordable for the mung bean stew!).

Now it's the norm for products not to be tested on animals and most places have a vegan choice on the menu, in fact, there is now a whole world movement about veganism. This change happened because enough people slowly, gently created a wave of change.

A 'what if' dream of a better tomorrow.

We know life at the moment is strange, working together finding the sun through the cloud, taking turns to lift each other when one of us feels down; as well all have down days, we know there may be a rough road ahead but we have it in us working together to find a way through Being cheery and believing in a better tomorrow will help us all build back better. Let's start dreaming some nice 'what ifs'

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Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes
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