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Changing the script!


What we think affects how we feel and! What we feel affects how we think! 

So, in looking at where to start making changes it can be a bit chicken and an egg, do we start with how we feel? 

Do we start with how we think?

Affirmations, or words of hope, or well-kent phrases can be if you like something which offers encouragement. 

These affirmations can help change our thinking and also produce an emotional response so win, win! We feel better and we are thinking in a way is better for our wellbeing

If you check out this piece on the site you will find a set of affirmation cards which can be helpful to increase our feelings of confidence and belief that we can do more often than we realise. 

Affirmations are really helpful for getting rid of self-doubt and self-doubt is something many of us find gets in the road of us pursuing our dreams. What we say to ourselves is so important as we are listening, and it does affect how we feel. You may find this wee video of interest

Unless you have been out of circulation you will know we have had an issue with a virus called COVID19! And while it may be getting under control we can see doesn't take much and infection rates begin to rise again. We may be torn between not wanting to know any more about it and watching any news we can in case we miss something.

Now there are no two ways about it, till we get a cure or a vaccine we need to be careful and follow the rules.

However, we also need to find a balance where we manage the risk of not catching or giving someone else COVID19 with finding a way to feel positive about the future again. Affirmations also help us adjust to some of the changes. Now some people may not be able to wear face coverings for health reasons and this is totally understandable. Other people may just not like it. An Affirmation about-face coverings could be.

'I enjoy finding new materials to make my face covering out of to match my outfits''

That wee change in emphasis has us thinking about face coverings in new ways, a fashion accessory! And including the word enjoy helps us think this is a positive emotional experience too. For anyone who is struggling to afford face masks, there is some work going on in local communities where people are making them and sharing for free so check out what is happening in your area.

Another way to have fun and adjust to the changes we face just now is to make an affirmation jar, something which you put in messages of hope and encouragement and take one out whenever you feel the need of a wee bit if inspiration to change the script.

We know COVID19 is continuing to cause disruption to our lives, and we know this is also causing insecurity in so many other ways from our jobs, to our kids' education to what it means for the future. It's important to acknowledge when we don't feel happy about something. 

Or, we do feel anxious as this is natural. Sometimes all of us feel so overwhelmed by what is happening it reduces us to tears.  However, it's also important we find ways not to be overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness. 

An affirmation jar may not be the answer to all our problems, but it may help us feel and think about them differently and that just may make a big difference in how we adjust and move forwards.

There is a wee video we put together with the Alliance on how to make affirmation jars and a wee how-to guide which you may find helpful if you want to make your own jar.

If you feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening just now, please know, you are not alone, these are strange times we are living in and sometimes no matter how much self-care we practice, no matter how hard we try and change the script in our head, the what if's can become really intrusive. There are people who care and services who can offer support if you don't want to talk to friends or family. 

This wee piece may offer some useful tips around opening up and talking to someone, or, listening if someone wants to talk to you, as this is a time when we are relying on each other.

Affirmations and a wee affirmation jar can help us find new ways to talk to ourselves, to start our day with a positive message in our head, doesn't mean there aren't still things we need to deal with, just means we may put our energy into doing what needs to be done. You do matter and remember; you are not alone there are people who care. Check out our whit's happening, there is often so much more going on than we realise
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