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Life Challenges (16)

Overcoming the story you tell yourself about your own experience can be quite the life challenge.
Life Challenges

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Love affirmation postcard

Updated on 14 June 2021

  • The love affirmation postcard offers an opportunity to make a promise to yourself

Learning affirmation cards to help overcome the fear of failure

Updated on 14 June 2021

  • This set of learning affirmation cards may inspire you not to give up when things don’t go to plan

Love and wellbeing

Updated on 14 June 2021

  • The following tips toolkit offer some ideas on what love means to us

Life purpose affirmation pack

Updated on 20 June 2021

  • Life Purpose Affirmation cards

Learning to hit the pause button

Updated on 15 November 2021

  • PODCAST - Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed. This may be as a result of too much to do and not enough time to do it.

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