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Service Delivery Standards

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All personnel offering services hold a professional qualification in human service provision with a minimum of 5 years post qualifying experience.

Individuals using COPE’s services will be treated with courtesy and respect and their issues treated in confidence.excellence

If there are concerns over a person’s safety, the safety of others or child care concerns and the team at COPE feel either the individual’s GP or social work services should be involved the individual’s would be supported to voluntarily seek this help.

If they refused, COPE would involve the third party and the individuals would be informed as to why this action was being taken.

   We have statutory duties to uphold especially in relation to child and adult protection.

Individuals will be treated equally regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, sexuality, gender or disability. COPE Scotland adheres to all statutory legislation and anti-discriminatory practice in areas of equity.

Moreover, morally and ethically we strongly believe in respect and equality for all.


Contact Details

20 Drumchapel Road G15 6QE

Phone numbers

0141 944 5490/fax 944 5492

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
9am - 5.30pm,
Tuesday 9am - 5.00pm,
Friday 9am - 2.30pm

Emergency Contacts

NHS 24

NHS 24 Website:
{08454 242424}.


Samaritan's Website:
{116 123}

Breathing Space

Breathing Space's Website:
{0800 83 85 87}