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What is fear of being wrong holding you back from?


How often do we say, 'if only I had the confidence to…..' or, 'I don't have any self-confidence' or, 'I can't do that'? Now, confidence and overconfidence are two completely different things.

If you have just passed your driving test, while you may dream of being a racing driver, at this point in time, driving an F1 sports car, would not be advised! However, if you sit your driving test and fail, this can dent your confidence. What you may want to do is work on what went wrong you didn't pass it the first time and what do you need to work on for the next driving test, then once having passed your test, are there advanced driving skills you want to learn? Achieving goals comes in steps and setting realistic goals which have meaning for us, helps build our confidence. Recognising in acquiring a new skill we need to learn and in learning, rarely does anyone get it right straight away. 

If they did, there would be no need to learn! Even teachers at one point had to learn to teach!

This piece as with all the pieces on the site, do not replace professional advice. They are tips for self-management, which you may find helpful along with professional advice, or to come back to later. Everyone's confidence pretty much at some point can take a knock. Its how we learn to bounce back from that. If something has affected your confidence in a way you need to speak to someone, please speak to your GP or other health care provider about support near you, the whits happening info magazines on the site also list resources which may be of interest.

We have a workbook and affirmations cards if investing time in exploring self-confidence is of interest to you

We have been working through the Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales and offering subsequent tips if there were any of the 14 areas on the scale you wanted to work on. The areas we have shared information on so far are as follows. If you have time, you may want to visit these pieces as often improvements in our wellbeing come by making wee changes in different areas of our life, but at a pace, we feel comfortable with.

  1. Develop a more optimistic approach to the future
  2. Find ways to feel more useful
  3. Find ways to feel more relaxed
  4. Become more interested in other people
  5. Increase your energy levels
  6. Feel more confident in dealing with problems
  7. Think more clearly
  8. Learn to feel good about yourself
  9. Feel closer to other people

We hope the following wee tips on being more confident are of use if this has meaning for you. There is also a wee editable affirmation card in which you can record a promise you make to yourself around increasing your confidence. We learn by doing, and we don't always get it right first time and that's okay, very few do, that's why in learning it's okay to also ask for help.

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