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We can all make a difference in helping reduce Gambling Harms January 2021 update


Previous pieces on the site and also in the whit's happening, we have shared work being done by many interested parties to try and help reduce the incidence of gambling harms. 

This wee piece is an update on some new developments which may be of interest, from the conversations we have had at the Alliance events and Come Chat with me zoom sessions. 

This follows the piece and gives an update on just some of the things that have been happening.

The notes from the Alliance follow up event November 2020 is in issue 12 of whit's happening (Please insert the link to issue 12 whits happening here thanks)

The first Art and Chat session with Mind and Draw on gambling harms takes place 1st February 6.30-8 pm for more information on how to register a visit

We have invested £1,500 into the Recover me app and feedback we are hearing from people who are using it suggests they are finding this of value. Please if you know anyone affected by gambling harms let them know of this resource

Working with partners and experts by experience we not only reproduced the tips for gambling harms awareness but produced an information booklet included with this piece. Please take a few minutes to look at it, as you may find really helpful information to share with people and families affected by gambling harms, as well as some ideas on how we can all become gambling harm awareness champions.

We continue in each what's happening to include a section on gambling harms and inviting partners to contribute feature pieces.

We are delighted with Gamvisory to be offering their awareness toolkit to a group of partners and to be exploring how we role this out further in particular targeting GP's and other health professionals.

Screening for gambling harms will become the norm within the COPE one to one service practice and we shall champion this approach with colleagues and the team are attending further training to raise their awareness in this area.

We have begun to seek funding to develop other materials which may help address unhelpful coping strategies and shall report on that at a later date.

The wee poster we planned, turned into a wee booklet! As attached below, we hope to update this on a regular basis at least once every 6 months.

We are also delighted to begin exploring ideas on how we can protect people from gambling harms by bringing down the shutters on Scratch cards, the same way we have with tobacco.

We are also delighted to be partnering with Chatter a support network for people affected by gambling harms to see how we can work together.

We are also delighted to be partnering with others interested in raising awareness of and linking to support for gambling harms for people who are in the military.

None of us alone have all the answers. However, working together being led by experts by experience, we can make a difference. Every one of us has it in us to be a gambling harms champion. Please read the wee booklet, remember it, and share it if you recognise someone struggling with issues of gambling as well as reading the tips to help feed the hungry ghost in the wee booklet. 

We live in strange times and this can cause any of us to adopt unhelpful coping strategies, drinking too much, using drugs, overeating, or gambling. No one plans to become addicted it can creep up unawares. Recognising when we are struggling with something and taking steps to address it, is easier when we have a culture which is kind and seeks to understand each other. 

Talking about issues of gambling harms helps people affected by gambling harms, talk about, and perhaps seek help for the impact it is having on them.

"Addiction begins with the hope that something "out there" can instantly fill up the emptiness inside," 

Jean Kilbourne
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