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The Art of Conversation


Some of us may find, since lockdown, we are talking more to others than we did before COVID19 created such disruption in our lives. 

Perhaps making the effort to phone or email friends and family more than we did before, or facetime, zoom or use whatever technology we have to hand.

Some of us may find since lockdown we are feeling even more isolated than we did before COVID19. Depending on our nature, we may enjoy the reduced pressure of being around others all the time. 

Many of us do enjoy our own company. 

However, for others who thrive on being around people, lockdown and social distancing may be proving a significant challenge. 

This is more so if you are shielding as even the few small changes, which others can take advantage of, around getting out more, remain, until advised otherwise, elusive.

It's at this time we may find we have a whole host of emotions, as covered in our piece on the emotional roller coaster. We may even find we are struggling, but feel, everyone else is in the same boat, and think ''I don't want to be seen to 'dump' how I feel on someone else, as they may be feeling bad too''……………

We recognise the phrase ''it's okay, not to be okay'' We also know, it takes a lot of courage to admit, you are not feeling okay, and starting a conversation with someone about this, you may think…………….'' well, where do I start!''

COPEScotland recognises with the additional stressors of COVID19 its more important than ever, we all feel comfortable to say ''I am not okay''. We also recognise this isn't always easy. So, we put together the wee tips sheet below. We also include some tips on how to listen if someone opens up to you.

When we realise all of us at some time need someone to listen, that sharing how we feel isn't ''dumping'' on someone else. It may be you need them to be there for you today, but they may need you to be there for them tomorrow! Perhaps we may find we suffer less. 

Bottling things up doesn't make them go away, and in fact, if you have too much time on your hands……………. may end up too much time thinking about things which aren't helpful.

The art of conversation is also around how we navigate difficult conversations, including sharing how we feel and listening to someone who has made the decision to share.

''We are reminded that in the fleeting time we have on this Earth, what matters is not wealth or status or power or fame, but rather how well we have loved and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better." Barack Obama

Kindness to others is also good for us! Let's have some courageous conversations. They may not solve all the challenges we face, but they may help us feel less alone in facing them.

We also included an image of our new cards for our one to one service, usually for West Glasgow but in these times, if we can be of service to others, we will try. Sadly, we are not a crisis service. If you are thinking of suicide, please speak to someone

The Samaritans | Free Phone Tel: 116 123

Text: SHOUT to 85258 in the UK to text with a trained Crisis Volunteer

Know you matter and people do care, I care

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