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Recharging your energy levels!


We have been working through the 14 points of wellbeing as suggested in the Warwick and Edinburgh 14 point wellbeing scale and offering various self-management tips if there are areas you would like to give attention to. So far, we have covered:

  1. Optimism
  2. Feeling useful
  3. Relaxation
  4. Being interested in others

There are tips on each of these areas on the site. This piece is looking at recharging our energy levels! When we find ourselves with too many things to do, and not enough time to do it. 

Sometimes, making time to recharge can feel another chore we just don't have time for. Yet no one can carry on putting energy out and not putting any energy back in. 

Think of a car, even a high-performance sports car, you don't refuel it, watch its tyres, spend time maintaining it, it will break down! We are not machines and we cannot run like machines, even if it feels others expect us to! We have needs: physical, social, emotional psychological, environmental, and so much more and if we don't look after our needs, we will start to experience changes in our wellbeing, which can cause us even further stressors.

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting most if not all of us under pressure one way or another. People may have different stressors, but very few people are not untouched by what is happening. We need our energy to be at a level which helps us navigate the challenges we face, overcome, or adapt to the restrictions we may find are wearing us down, give us the hope that this too shall pass and the wisdom to use what energy we have wisely and where it will make the most difference.

By now many or most of us will have seen the restrictions are going on a while yet, don't think anyone would be surprised.

It can be a bit 'whooooooooaaaaaaaaa' when we think, when will this end? This can bring on the ''what ifs'' This situation will eventually be resolved and we shall return to some kind of normal, just at the moment we don't know when so thinking too far ahead can leave us feeling 'arrghhhhhhhhh'. For now, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, its sometimes helpful to think okay, what will we do to get through today, this morning, the next hour, the next 5min!

Caring for our wellbeing during this crisis will help give us the energy not to go under, doesn't mean we will like it, doesn't mean we won't have times we feel !!!!!!!!!!!!! but, we can get through it, looking out for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, reflecting on what really matters. Eventually, all that is happening will become a story, history, something that happened in the past. For now, it's real and we need to find ways to stay afloat, looking after our mental health NOW matters more than ever and this takes energy, so let's spend what we have wisely and make time to top it up. The following tips offer some ideas on how to charge your energy levels as well as a wee personal promise card you may choose to use, to make a promise to yourself of one wee change you will make. You do matter, people do care, I care, that's the motivation behind these pieces 😊

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