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DON’T PANIC! - Solves nothing and leaves you with a house full of toilet rolls!

DON’T PANIC! - Solves nothing and leaves you with a house full of toilet rolls!

 Okay, by now, we probably nearly all know about the coronavirus and how things for a while may not be how they usually are. This can produce a range of emotions:

Introvert………. Great, don't need to make excuses about going to social gatherings!

Extrovert………. What! No social gatherings to attend, what am I going to do?

Also, the panic buying, while it's not helpful, let's try and understand it and not judge it. 

Maslow's hierarchy of need, one of the very first needs we have, is the need for FOOD, so the idea of not being able to get food, can send us off, panic buying. However, that creates a chain reaction as everyone wants to eat. When people see others panic buying, they panic buy which others see and before you know it………….everyone is panicking and the supermarket shelves are empty and guess what………..yep more panicking

'oh, I need to get to the shops earlier tomorrow for more food!'

Another of Maslow's needs though is around LOVE and BELONGING. In the pyramid of need, this comes quite high, after our physiological needs and safety needs. 

If we can focus on 'we are all in this together' and by thinking about each other, we have a better chance of coming through it, than if its everyone for themselves. 

Now is the time for WE NOT ME!

Social isolation doesn't just need to be physically removed from other people it can be emotionally and psychologically isolated and at this time, even if physically we aren't as close as we need to be, we can still have feelings of belonging, and these we need to nurture and its starting.

  • In Italy, there are people in isolation SINGING to each other from their balconies
  • In the UK, Becky Wass, from Falmouth, Cornwall came up with an idea for a postcard, offering a print-at-home template which can be shared on social media, with those in need able to request shopping, urgent supplies or "a friendly phone call" We have arranged to have 5000 of these printed as we know not everyone who wants to help may have a printer. More than half of them have been allocated to other groups to take and share and they haven't even come from the printers yet! Such is the DESIRE FOR PEOPLE TO BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER. Follow this link for more info on the print at home template
  • Working with local elected members, other groups and agencies, local people and the Drumchapel Community Council we are looking at a local action plan around how we build a COMMUNITY SAFETY NET
  • Many people have started Facebook pages and what's app around staying connected in MIND AND HEART even when our bodies may be physically apart.

Over the next wee while we will be offering regular blogs and tips on looking after your mental/emotional wellbeing at this time. The COVD 19 maybe spreading, so can kindness. let's start to spread a new virus #VIRALKINDNESS. 

We all have the capacity to be considerate and kind to ourselves and each other. Let's choose how we stay connected, even when we are physically apart, and how we all get through this. This in itself can help boost feel-good feelings, which we all need especially at this time!

It maybe we feel cut off from nature or getting out in the fresh air and we shall do some research on this for a future blog. 

For now enjoy the 'Coorie' Video, as it gives tips on how to 'COORIE DOON' plus some lovely pics of Scotland. Nature we can always have with us in our hearts and minds.

Remember people care, it maybe we need to be there for each other in new ways, so please, don't panic or feel overwhelmed. These emotions are natural, but they solve nothing and get in the road of finding solutions, and, often only creates more problems. We are all needed just now as we are all in this together.

Please also think of people who maybe rely on FOODBANKS and if you can still support your local foodbank please do. WE ALL MATTER and together we can get through this. Making time to relax at this time is also important as it helps us come back to the moment as its only natural we may find our mind running away with 'what ifs' our wee 3min relaxation video may prove a helpful distraction to bring you back to the now.

Feeling anxious is okay, we all have that, but we need to find ways to move beyond our anxiety and learn to live in this TEMPORARY NEW NORMAL, in a way which doesn't ruin our day, and COPE Scotland is keen to do its bit to see how we can help

We care, we know many others care, we can do this

This may be a useful piece for those caring for someone else.

We shall also do what we can to share useful links as well as tips. Find a reason to smile today, sometimes we need to look a wee bit harder but remembering what we do have to smile about, can help too. The author of this tweet finds looking at our wee cats makes her smile, find a smile source works for you, sometimes the simplest things are the most precious

All at team COPEScotland

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