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COVID 19 an Emotional Roller Coaster


People are complicated and complex; this is why sometimes it can be hard to put our finger on just what exactly it is which is causing the feelings or thoughts we may have at any one time. If we take the individual components of what is getting to us, each alone we think, ''I can handle that'', it's when we put them all together then it becomes more intense, then if we add 'ah but what if?' things can become even more intense as rarely are our 'what if's'  something we think we want, more often they can be around what we fear.

Everything about the current COVID 19 situation is an emotional roller coaster from anxiety and fear about our own health or a loved one, to anger at people who we maybe feel aren't taking social distancing seriously enough, to joy when we see a loved on facetime or hear our grandchild talking on the phone. 

Not all the emotions we have at this time are negative this is why it's a roller coaster as we can find we are up and down in how we feel, think and what we do…………………a lot! 

Strange thing is, often we focus more on the downs than the ups, and during the COVID19 situation, it's helpful for our wellbeing if we also remember the good days, hours even moments as its these positive emotions which can help sustain us.

You may have heard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) it's based on the idea what we think affects how we feel which then impacts on how we behave. If we have negative thoughts this can make us feel pretty low which can affect our behaviour. Imagine, waking up and the first thought is -

'oh, no, not another day, just like yesterday, I feel I am stuck in groundhog day and am sick of it' 

Do you think this thought will fill you with joy and have you leaping out of the bed to take the day on?.......unlikely, more likely it will leave you feeling fed up, low energy and getting up and getting on with the day all a bit too much. If nothing else demands your attention to get up for, you may even find yourself remaining in bed!

If on the other hand you wake up and think, something more positive and it doesn't need to be huge, sometimes the wee things make a big difference like -

'I am really looking forward to a nice cuppa coffee' 

Then your emotions may be one of anticipation and you may be more likely to get up and get on with your day feeling more in control and optimistic.

There are a lot of things just now affecting how we think and feel and some of them are understandable. 

We may feel overwhelmed, someone we love being in intensive care with COVID19 it's natural to feel worried. 

Though worry in itself changes nothing, it is a natural response and just thinking ''stop worrying''  doesn't really work, we need to learn how to distracts ourselves from these worrying thoughts or learn to manage them.

This wee tip sheet covers some of the impacts of COVID19 on our emotions. 

This leaflet does not replace professional advice if there are things happening in your life and you need to speak to someone please do. If your emotions or thoughts ever make you feel so overwhelmed you think of suicide please talk to someone, you matter. Samaritans Freephone 116 123.

We also have a 'whit's happening' info booklet which we update and share online, which lists other tips to care for wellbeing, as well as useful contacts and websites. 

We are all on the sea of life, sometimes the waters are calm, sometimes a bit choppy and sometimes we have storms. Be mindful of our emotions, they have a huge impact on who we are and what we do.

Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realising it 

by  Vincent Van Gogh
Whit’s happening! Issue 4
Whit's happening! - issue 3

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