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Values and Philosophy

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COPE Scotland's Values


We respect
....the person's right to receive respect for, and consideration of, their own individual qualities and diverse backgrounds – social, cultural, ethnic and religious...... and the person's right to lead a full and socially valued life within their community.


We behave with integrity
.....we are open and transparent in what we do if we have a problem, we are honest about what it is, and we seek to find a solution and a timeline for when things can be addressed. We are driven to find solutions not blame or avoid taking responsibility. We believe a reputation for honesty, reliability and trust are earned by action not by words on a policy document.

Professional integrity

People who offer services to COPE are suitably qualified, insured and experienced to do so
....we aim to offer a safe environment where people can work through their issues in confidence and feel respected and empowered by the experience, team members offering support on a one to one basis hold a professional qualification in human services with a minimum of 5 years post qualifying experience, are a member of a professional body and are appropriately insured.


COPE offers a safe place for people to receive support
.......our building conforms to all statutory health and safety guidelines, our team to their professional codes of conduct. We have an equal opportunity policy in place and systems to ensure no one feels they are being judged or discriminated against in any way, as equality is core to our being. The dignity of each person using COPE is important and interventions offered are aimed at protecting and promoting that dignity and improving well-being.

Equality and Diversity

COPE recognises and values the individual
....people are unique and have their own unique experiences of life, even when facing similar circumstances people's reaction or responses can be different as can the way the person feels most comfortable accessing support. Our services are built around the needs of the individual, taking into consideration their own unique circumstances and interventions or steps which need to be taken which are most useful for them.

Flexible Services

COPE recognises issues change over time and people's needs change in time.
.....COPE is a flexible service led by the needs of the communities we serve and as such our responses change to meet demand, over the years COPE has evolved in many directions in response to demands. People have the right to make their own choices and this we feel includes choices over what services are most useful for them. Also people have their own strengths and abilities to tap into and build on and we work with people as equal partners not passive recipients of services. We also recognise the wider determinants of poor mental health and seek with the communities we serve and partner agencies to address these as the answers to some of the challenges people face require working flexibly on many levels.

Community Led

COPE is a community led service.
.....not only is COPE managed by individuals with experience of mental or emotional distress or an interest in this area, everyone involved with COPE has the opportunity to become involved in shaping the service ranging from participation in strategic planning days, to working to find solutions to issues people present with, to co delivering workshops.


Contact Details

20 Drumchapel Road G15 6QE

Phone numbers

0141 944 5490/fax 944 5492

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
9am - 5.30pm,
Tuesday 9am - 5.00pm,
Friday 9am - 2.30pm

Emergency Contacts

NHS 24

NHS 24 Website:
{08454 242424}.


Samaritan's Website:
{116 123}

Breathing Space

Breathing Space's Website:
{0800 83 85 87}