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This led the authors to comment:

"This reflects one of public health's most difficult dilemmas: unless consciously designed not to, policies and actions that work for populations as a whole often inadvertently entrench inequalities."
Buck D and Frosini F (2012) Clustering of unhealthy behaviours over time London: The Kings Fund

Some Basic Facts

  1. Scotland is unequal. People's health is inextricably linked to the circumstances in which they live, and inequalities in health are widening. This is because the health of the least deprived people in Scotland is improving at a faster rate than the most deprived.
    (Nursing at the Edge 2014 RCN )
  2. Living in poverty brings with it poorer mental health, and that the stresses of living in poverty increases the risk of developing mental health problems.
  3. Living with a mental health problem brings with it increased social disadvantage, such as higher levels of unemployment.
  4. Poor mental health leads to poor life decision and inhibits our ability to fulfil our potential.
  5. Adverse mental health outcomes are 2 to 2.5 times higher among those experiencing greatest social disadvantage compared to those experiencing least disadvantage.
  6. A key recommendation within the Christie Commission 2011 report is the prioritisation of preventative services with a specific focus on addressing generational inequalities.

(Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health and Inequalities)
Christie Commission (2011) Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services
APS group


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